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At our plant in Cuxhaven, iron castings are produced in a rotary drum furnace melting plant. Individual pieces and small batches are produced by hand mould casting, larger quantities are produced by machine mould casting. Selected qualities of raw metal with certificates of analysis are purchased from suppliers with whom we have long-standing business relationships. This guarantees a consistent quality of the casted goods.

Two closed sand circuits are used in production: synthetic standard moulding sand for machine casting and synthetic resin-bonded moulding sand for larger castings and cores. Both sand systems are constantly kept in use by regeneration systems in order to minimise waste. A sand laboratory monitors the quality and condition of the moulding sand, which is an important prerequisite for excellent casting quality.

The entire casting production process is monitored by a continuous quality assurance system. All cast materials are constantly analysed in our own test laboratory and the results are continuously documented.


  • Cast iron | lamellar casting in the qualities EN GJL 200-300 according to DIN EN 1561 [or GG 20, GG 25 and GG 30 according to DIN 1691].

  • Ductile iron | nodular graphite cast iron in the qualities EN GJS 400-700 according to DIN EN 1563 [or GGG 40, GGG 50, GGG 60 and GGG 70 according to DIN 1693].

  • Single pieces, small and medium series

  • Unit weights from 0.5 to 3,000 kg

  • Quality assurance, including

          - Ultrasonic testing

          - Spectral analysis

          - Sand analysis

          - Tensile strength testing

  • Works and acceptance certificates

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