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We have our own modelling workshop in Cuxhaven for the manufacture and maintenance of models and model equipment. In our conventional model construction workshop, we can draw on the experience of trained model carpenters. The digital processing of your design data (rapid prototyping, 3D printing, computer-controlled router) is partly carried out by partner companies. The models and model furnishings are produced as permanent models made of wood, plastic or aluminium according to customer drawings or samples. Lost models are made from foam.

As part of our one-stop-shop philosophy for your casting, we also advise you on the optimum casting design for cast parts and patterns.

When existing patterns are transferred to us from other foundries, we guarantee professional goods receipt with stocktaking and, if necessary, repair and maintenance. Customer patterns are stored in our large pattern warehouse with approx. 20,000 patterns and computerised, fixed storage location allocation for each individual pattern.

Our pattern makers are responsible for providing the patterns to the production department and storing them after casting. This means that an additional visual inspection of the models is carried out before and after each casting and any necessary model maintenance can be carried out immediately. This is one of our many measures to extend the service life of patterns and increases the number of castings per model while you receive a permanently optimised casting quality.


  • Model quality class H1 according to DIN 1511 made of waterproof glued multiplex hardwood, plastic, aluminium or Styropor

  • Auxiliary models

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Customer advice on model design

  • Large model warehouse

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